I build from 1 hour of weight training + half hour cardio?

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I build from 1 hour of weight training + half hour cardio?

Beitrag von Rayancaleb » 13. Sep 2017, 15:16

Hello, was in the mass phase and am now in the Defi. For a few months, I have been training every third day instead of every other day. I felt like I was doing well. The cardio I have left completely.

Since I am now in the Defi, I wonder if I should train more often. Build muscles within 2 days from? I also want to bring Cardio into the boat. Half hour at Pulse 140. Am w, and 40 years

I also have the idea that I instead of 1 1/2 hours weight training, it also 1 hour to reduce and the remaining half hours that cardio attach.

since I naturally fear of loss of muscle in the diet, I wonder if this idea is good at all?
Please help.


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