Reduce The Proportion Of Body Fat

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Reduce The Proportion Of Body Fat

Beitrag von darwinsmith » 21. Jun 2014, 11:55

Representing 7.6% of the weight that has been reached. Referring to the table (1), we find that the percentage of fat has a lower limit necessary recommended!
It is true that this lady was a must to reduce the proportion of body fat to nearly 18% by reducing the weight of 3-4 kg just how many calories our bodies need daily? Many of us know that weight control depends on the energy balance of the amount of energy entering the body (calories heat contained in the food) versus energy exerted by the body (movement and activity), but few know the amount of calories they need daily!

The knowledge of the needs of the body's energy helps in access to adequate food. , and there are two ways to determine this: the exact way: How to Get Taller

There are three main components control the extent of consumption of the body for energy, and for the amount of calories your body needs every day you collect the outputs of the following ingredients together first: the rate of metabolism (calorie consumption) basic: The majority of the body's energy (60-70%) go through the consumption of calories necessary to keep the body's cells are working properly. Include heartbeat and breathing and maintaining body temperature and other basic operations.

To determine BMR there equations and one for males and another for females: • equation for males: weight X 23 • equation for females: weight X 21 Second: the energy expended during physical activity: contributing physical activity in the consumption of between 20 and 30% of calories note that the more weight increase the amount of calories burned. For the majority of people, the calories burned during. 240 kcal / h for the activities of Light (house cleaning)

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Re: Reduce The Proportion Of Body Fat

Beitrag von lenabrock » 1. Sep 2014, 11:18

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