Who will be traded by the end of the day?

Der Weg vom Hobbysportler zum Wettkampfathleten

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Who will be traded by the end of the day?

Beitragvon wang1993 » 2. Aug 2017, 08:58

Gray and Darvish. Darvish and Gray. These Thurman Munson Jersey guys have been the belles of the deadline ball for weeks and we still don’t know where they’ll spend the final two months of the season. These two front-line Matt Holliday Jersey starters are unequivocally the biggest names out on the trade market, and have been for a while. Gray’s market is a bit more robust due to the fact he’s under club control through 2019, but Darvish’s market is flush with suitors looking for Johnny Damon Youth Jersey a rental ace down the stretch. They’re drawing interest from many of the same clubs (the Yankees, Dodgers, Indians and Greg Bird Jersey Astros among them), meaning their fates will be very much intertwined. The Vegas money all C.C. Sabathia Youth Jersey weekend has been on Gray ending up with the Yankees and Darvish going to the Dodgers, though both clubs have let their eyes wander in the last couple days. Cleveland should be viewed as Brett Gardner Jersey a dark horse on both, with Darvish probably a more realistic target because of the lower price and the club’s firm status as a contender now. The big-market teams in Alex Rodriguez Jersey New York and Los Angeles appear to be the leaders in the clubhouse, but don’t count out some small-market clubs.

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