Growing up as the laid-back son of an outspoken

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Growing up as the laid-back son of an outspoken

Beitrag von smithlucky » 9. Dez 2017, 08:11

father known for his bigger-than-life personality and eye-opening comments also has prepared Walton to handle the challenge of coaching Lonzo Ball -- perhaps no rookie since LeBron James has come into the league with as much attention -- and dealing with Lonzo's famously outspoken father, LaVar, who can go from feuding with Donald Trump to harping on Walton and the Lakers' coaching staff for their "soft" handling of his son.
LaVar said this week on SiriusXM NBA Radio that Walton needs to Womens Troy Hill Jersey play the No. 2 overall pick for the entire fourth quarter to start winning more games. Walton often will bring Lonzo Ball in midway through the fourth and finish games with the rookie unless the game is out of hand or sixth man Jordan Clarkson is playing better. Ball is averaging 7.5 minutes in the fourth quarter and has not played in the fourth in five games this season.
No other coach in the NBA has to deal with the intense scrutiny surrounding Ball and his high-profile father, who has done interviews on CNN and ESPN and offers a critique of Walton's John Brown Jersey coaching whenever asked.
"My background as a player and even growing up with the dad that I have and spending those two years in Golden State just helped me prepare for being able to have all these distractions Womens Tom Compton Jersey and focus on what is really important to us," Walton said. "Do I have to deal with more than most coaches? I would say yeah. But every coach has to deal with some internal conflict.
"Anyone that says anything about us, not just [LaVar], but anyone, if you are not part of our group or circle, have whatever opinion you want. It doesn't matter. We are in here every day grinding and working on getting better."Kerr smiled when asked if he has ever had to deal with a basketball parent. "When I coached my son's eighth grade AAU team, I had to talk to a couple of parents," he said. "But never in the NBA."
While his father gave Walton his first exposure to basketball, and Jackson gave him a front-row seat to observe coaching greatness, it was Kerr who first put Walton on an NBA sideline. The Golden State Warriors' coach has played as large a role as any in guiding Walton to the Lakers' coveted post. The two developed much of their basketball philosophy and approach as championship role players for Jackson, so it was a natural fit for Kerr to hire Walton, who spent two seasons learning at Kerr's side and guided the Warriors to a 39-4 start in ... cup-jersey 2015-16 while Kerr was out with a back injury.
Walton marveled at how Kerr's innate feel for not just his stars but also his little-used reserves could keep everyone on the team invested. Despite not being a Walton, Kerr feels much of his coaching DNA is also in Luke.
"I think Luke and I are as much alike as human beings as any two coaches could possibly be in the NBA," Kerr said. "When you consider our backgrounds, growing up in Southern California, on the beach, laid back, both played for Lute Olson [at Arizona], grounded in http://www.officialauthenticredskinssto ... ugh_jersey the fundamentals of Lute, Tex Winter and Phil Jackson, deeply in love and passionate about the game but not to the point of obsession. Good life balance, family man, he has younger kids, I have older kids. "Luke is as much like me as anybody I can think of, and our coaching profiles probably reflect that."
BEFORE EVERY GAME, Walton and Pelinka huddle together to discuss basketball, life and anything else that comes to mind. Despite being hired under the previous regime, a source close to Walton said that one of the best things to happen for the coach was the hiring of Pelinka and Johnson in the spring.
"They are a young team, they got some talent and they are going to win some games and are going to have some growing pains," Kerr said. "The best organizations are the ones that stick together through thick and thin, and if you have that kind of support as a coach, then it can all really be successful."
Walton, a former Lakers player, Pelinka, who was an agent for Kobe Bryant and other former Lakers, and Johnson, a Lakers legend, all share a deep bond with the franchise that predates their current positions, and they have known one another for years. They all appear to be in rhythm on the rebuilding vision and know that there will be tough times ahead with such an inexperienced roster. ... ings-among ... 84694c6cee ... 855&extra=