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into all of this you guys know I get my facials done with Yoli Yoli glow I also want to just give her a big shout out and a big THANK YOU because she definitely has played a huge role in my current skincare routine and again this is not sponsored by any brand or anyone specifical Claira Care
ly I just want to give credit where credit is due so thank you Yoli so now that my skin is moist I'm going to be taking from tatcha this is called the pure one-step camellia cleansing oil so this oil is really good for helping if you have makeup if you want to remove some of your makeup products or anything like that this is a really great cleanser it almost like if you look at it it's like very clear and you rub it together you don't really see much of a difference when you have a lot of water on your face it will turn like a milky color which is totally fine and nor but for the most part this is a clear kind of cleanser and I like to use it like everywhere and really get it into the skin this cleanser also is very hydrating which I really like I do not want to use a cleanser Claira Care Cream