Part of the Council of Six?

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Part of the Council of Six?

Beitrag von Rayancaleb » 5. Okt 2017, 17:30

I've been reading a lot of posts about people pissed that Jaina's going to be leading the Kirin'tor and they're back with the Alliance. And how she seemingly jumps rank in no way. (Though, I do need to note: The Kirin'tor have always been a part of the Alliance. They cooperated with the Horde in order to fight Arthas. Aethas Sunreaver founded the Sunreavers to protect the Horde while they were in the city. Chances are they disbanded after the Lich King fell. As the Dalaran in game takes place IN THE PAST, nothing in Dalaran has changed.)
However, it occurs to me - We only have a confirmation of 4 of the 6 in the Dalaran counc

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