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Was sonst nirgends rein passt. Hier werden auch "schräge Sachen" geduldet, sofern Sie noch entfernt mit dem Sport zu tun haben... ;-)

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Victor Lindelof Jersey

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? Always check your stove before you leave. If it?s a new stove Axel Tuanzebe Manchester United Jersey , try it out at home. Make some tea, porridge, and boil some water. See how much fuel it consumes and calculate how much you sill need on the trip. No point carrying gallons of kerosene that you won?t use, but do remember that the higher you go Ashley Young Manchester United Jersey , the longer it takes for water to come to a boil and therefore, the greater will be the fuel consumption.
? Pack your backpack intelligently so that the weight is balanced vertically with heavier items on top. Pack heavy things towards the inner side of the backpack, closer to your body, so that the weight does not pull outwards. Keep sandals (if you have a river crossing that day) and other important items in the outer pockets.
? Try and camp in the recommended campsites. Avoid pitching camp in dry gullies Antonio Valencia Manchester United Jersey , which may turn into raging torrents if the weather turns. Also, avoid camping under rock faces and cliffs that may have rock falls or avalanches.
? When pitching a tent, try and find a well-drained area, not likely to get waterlogged in case of a sudden shower. If you anticipate bad weather at night Anthony Martial Manchester United Jersey , dig a two- to three-inch drain around the tent with one end leading off a foot or two, preferably downslope.
? In case you are caught in a sudden thunderstorm, try and find shelter: an overhang of the mountain, a small cave Angel Gomes Manchester United Jersey , a large rock or tree. The idea is to stay dry, and in the Himalayas, to stay warm, carry a sheet of plastic in areas likely to be wet. It should be large enough to go over the backpack to keep it dry as well.
Personal hygiene is important on a trek. Men are lucky enough to jump into any mountain stream for a swim. Women should carry a sarong that they can slip into. This can be used as a cover to slip out of your trekking clothes. Find a bend in the river Andreas Pereira Manchester United Jersey , away from praying eyes and bathe to your heart?s content. In case it?s too cold or the pace of the trek doesn?t allow it, do what I do at the end of each day. After your tent is up, take a mug of warm water, a hand towel and some soap Ander Herrera Manchester United Jersey , and zip yourself in. sponge yourself thoroughly, soaping your groin and armpits. Brush out dust from your hair. Then change into your nightclothes and a fresh pair of socks. You?ll be amazed at how the day?s fatigue leaves the body and just how refreshed you feel.

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MADRID, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid will play their postponed match away to Celta Vigo between the penultimate and final round of matches of the season, meaning there will be a change in the way the Spanish football season comes to a conclusion.

Speaking on BeIN Sports, LaLiga President, Javier Tebas confirmed the match between Celta and the league leaders, which was due to be played in February, but postponed when hurricane force winds damaged the roof of Celta's Balaidos Stadium, will be played between May 16-19th.

That changes the tradition which usually sees all of the games in the last two rounds of matches in Spain all kick off at the same time so that no side has the advantage of knowing what their rivals have done and what they need to do to achieve their aims.

"This year we have this handicap and we will not be able to play all of the matches on the penultimate round of games at the same time, but what else can we do?" said Tebas.

The LaLiga President said the Celta postponement and the fact Madrid had played in the World Club Championship in December, which also saw their game in Valencia postponed, had meant there were no spare dates in the calendar.

This problem would have been resolved if Celta and Madrid had been knocked out of Europe, but Madrid are still in the Champions League, while Celta will play the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

"Until there are 400 days in the year or the World Club Championship is played at a different date... we have a calendar packed with international competitions," concluded Tebas.

Many fans in Spain would point to the fact that the home and away format of the King's Cup knockout competition which occupies every midweek in January and February, is also a key in leaving league with little room for maneuver if matches are postponed.

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