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Was sonst nirgends rein passt. Hier werden auch "schräge Sachen" geduldet, sofern Sie noch entfernt mit dem Sport zu tun haben... ;-)

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Son Heung-min Jersey

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BEIJING Christian Eriksen Hotspur Jersey , April 29 (Xinhua) -- Losing weight might be easier than you thought. Eating less might be just as simple as changing the color of your plates. Yes, that simple.

Red plates might be better choice for those on a diet, because the color could trigger a danger or avoidance signal, which reduces the amount of food you eat, Business Insider recently reported.

Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University said people end up eating a little bit less of snack foods on a red plate due to the color. What people serve food on turns out to have more impact on our taste and flavor perception than we realize, he said.

He also noted that dessert served on a white plate was considered sweeter and more flavorful than a black one.

Spence Cameron Carter-Vickers Hotspur Jersey , also the author of "Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating", hopes that such findings will encourage food manufactures to add less sugar to their products while ensuring the same taste experience with the color of packaging.

First China-Britain freight train arrives back in China

Police dogs trained at training base in SW China

Tourists tour streets in China's Hong Kong

New ferris wheel put in use at Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing

Models present creations at Vietnam Int'l Fashion Week

South Koreans, religious figures protest against THAAD in Seoul

Aerial views of overpasses in north China's Tianjin

Night view of downtown Hangzhou in east China's Zhejiang

ARUSHA, Tanzania, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- At least four people werekilled and nine others injured in a head-on collision that involvedfive vehicles and a motorcycle in southwestern Tanzania's region ofMbeya, police said on Friday.

Mohamed Mpinga Blank Hotspur Jersey , Mbeya Regional Police Commander, said that theaccident occurred at Iwambi hill, few kilometers to a small town ofMbalizi along the busiest Tanzania-Zambia highway (Tanzam).

According to Mpinga, the accident occurred on Thursday night ataround 8 p.m. local time in a hilly area with a steep slope on theway to the Tanzania and Zambia border town of Tunduma.

He said that two drivers and a motorcyclist were among the deadin the road mishap.

The cause of the accident was yet to be established, thoughpreliminary investigation show that driver of a truck which washeading to Zambia from the Tanzania's commercial capital, Dar esSalaam lost control before ramming into other vehicles Ben Davies Hotspur Jersey , Mpingasaid, revealing that the injured people were rushed to Mbeya ZonalReferral Hospital for treatment.

"Drivers using the Tanzam road should be extra careful as thehighway has many sharp corners and slopes," said Mpinga.Enditem

Axial flow fans have blades that force air to move along the shaft about which the blades rotate. Axial fans blow air across the axis of the fan, linearly, hence their name. This type of fan is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from small cooling fans for electronics to the giant fans used in wind tunnels.

Some examples of axial fans are:

Table fan - Basic elements of a typical table fan include the fan blade Vincent Janssen Jersey , base, armature and lead wires, motor, blade guard, motor housing, oscillator gearbox Victor Wanyama Jersey , and oscillator shaft. The oscillator is a mechanism that motions the fan from side to side. The axle comes out on both ends of the motor, one end of the axle is attached to the blade and the other is attached to the oscillator gearbox. The motor case joins to the gearbox to contain the rotor and stator. The oscillator shaft combines to the weighted base and the gearbox. A motor housing covers the oscillator mechanism. The blade guard joins to the motor case for safety.

Electro-mechanical fans, among collectors, are rated according to their condition, size, age Toby Alderweireld Jersey , and number of blades. Four-blade designs are the most common. Five-blade or six-blade designs are rare. The materials from which the components are made, such as brass, are important factors in fan desirability.

Ceiling fan with light.Ceiling fan - A fan suspended from the ceiling of a room is a ceiling fan.

In automobiles, a mechanical fan provides engine cooling and prevents the engine from overheating by blowing or sucking air through a coolant-filled radiator. It can be driven with a belt and pulley off the engine's crankshaft or an electric fan switched onoff by a thermostatic switch.

A variable pitch balde in axial fan blower is used where precise control of static pressure within supply ducts is required. The fan wheel will spin at a constant RPM. The blades follow the control pitch hub. As the hub moves toward the rotor the blades increase their angle of attack and an increase in flow results.

In centrifugal fan, as opposed to axial flow fan, the air is moving perpendicularly to the fan shaft. Often called a "squirrel cage" (due to its similarity in appearance to exercise wheels for pet rodents) Son Heung-min Jersey , the centrifugal fan has a moving component (called an impeller) that consists of a central shaft about which a set of blades, or ribs, are positioned. Centrifugal fans blow air at right angles to the intake of the fan, and spin the air outwards to the outlet (by deflection and centrifugal force). The impeller rotates, causing air to enter the fan near the shaft and move perpendicularly from the shaft to the opening in the scroll-shaped fan casing. A centrifugal fan produces more pressure for a given air volume, and is used where this is desirable such as in leaf blowers Pau Lopez Jersey , hair driers, air mattress inflators, inflatable structures, and various industrial purposes. They are typically noisier than comparable axial fans.

A mixed flow fan is an air moving device in between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan. Mixed Flow fans are an excellent choice for return air, supply, or general ventilation applications where low sound . Cheap Knicks Jerseys Wholesale Jazz Jerseys Wholesale Heat Jerseys Wholesale Blazers Jerseys Wholesale Philadelphia 76ers Jerseys Wholesale Paris Saint-Germain FC Jerseys Wholesale Liverpool FC Jerseys Wholesale Leicester City FC Jerseys Wholesale Juventus FC Jerseys Wholesale Real Madrid CF Jerseys