Alone, surrounded by darkness except for an old green wire-necked lamp

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Alone, surrounded by darkness except for an old green wire-necked lamp

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Alone, surrounded by darkness except for an old green wire-necked lamp, I discover a world of mysterious images hidden within me. Hand printed by the artist on exquisite embossed linen stock, each card is titled and signed. Explore the greeting cards and postcards on my website, order online. But the everyday struggles I encounter there, the frustrations and challenges that continually surface, the fears and doubts that rise up like smoke from a burning wood, quickly dispel the fantasy that my studio is a sacred chapel where angels chant. But for the most part it requires courage, discipline and a daily commitment to walk naked into her flames. The end result, the images you see, stand merely as witnesses of the process in whose mysterious grasp I have been caught for hours on end. Very little light comes through this window, surely none of that glorious north light the great artists
You outdoor light can also order by calling 1-954-360-7999
. At times I am willing to be caught and the work flows. So I turn to the God of Mystery whose face I cannot see, but who has graciously given me faces of mentors I can recognize -- artists, writers and poets of yesterday and today who show me the way. flood light For in reality, I hear more grunts than angelic voices, more groans than holy hymns, and more mutterings from witches than alleluias from saints.

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And yet, despite the stormy atmosphere of my moonlit studio, many unexpected creations are born thereimages whose Source is hidden deep within.
I would like to believe that I am not really alone in my studiothat the presence of God transforms the tiny space into a cathedral where I receive Divine instruction. But for me, light from the outside is unimportant since all of the time I spend in the studio is just when the moon exchanges places with the sun.
For me, the Creative Process is a consuming fire that chases relentlessly at my heels. They burst through the darkness giving no evidence of the turbulence theyve borne as they make their way onto paper.
http://paintingbymoonlight. Then, in my darkest moments when even the moon seems to turn her gaze from me, a spark of light shines as I recall Vincent Van Gogh wearing candles in the brim of his straw hat while he painted outdoors at midnight. You see, I paint in the evening, by moonlight, when most of creation is asleep. Use our fine art cards to send uniquely personal greetings or frame them for one of a kind gift giving.Greeting Card and PostCards - The Process
I have a studio in a small corner of our home with one window facing west.