41 years ago today

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41 years ago today

Beitrag von lannymcdonald » 21. Nov 2017, 11:08

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A fight with the Grizzlies, Paul played for only 24 minutes, but because of illness in the battle against the sun in the midfielder Samuel Buffett hit 21 minutes Radovan Bondra Adidas Jersey. Including all rotation players have been replaced after the end, he is still with the edge of the players finish the last few minutes. Obviously, the Rockets hope he can play through as much time as possible to find the game feeling Alex DeBrincat Adidas Jersey.

The only exception was Harden, who played 36 minutes in the entire match Lance Bouma Adidas Jersey. Of course, this is the reason why Paul can not play too long now. It also means that Harden was replaced in the second and last stages at a point two minutes ahead of schedule. This phenomenon will gradually disappear with the gradual improvement of Paul's playing time.