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more about their style and shoulders and poo affirm squats and POC and force ups inked veggie lover inquires as to for what reason do my ears hurt so awful when I'm fasting I'm not fat since you're a fucking enormous and that is the reason begin eating meat and I wager your ears will feel fine and dandy alright fuck like soon as your fucking vegetarian I'm going to resemble eat meat settle the fucking bra settle that f Keto 6X
irst and after that we'll see what happens can't see here we go Dan's dark banner asks Kol I completed a four day drive quick and progress back to water I drank a decent measure of water you mean salt water right not fucking playing water I trust weights backpedaled up which I knew was water however to what extent till this water turns out well most likely cuz you didn't have any salts or your body stash more water than appeared for one and recall like fuck he fasted for four fucking days dry I don't know how huge you are yet you presumably lose like one pound of muscle versus fat on an every day on a four day drive quick and like likely fuck all in the principal day so makes it like three