downloading it and keeping trac

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downloading it and keeping trac

Beitrag von deropvb » 17. Apr 2018, 11:18

downloading it and keeping track I keep track on there even if I go over my colors for the day than others to grab fast food or to grab something that you probably shouldn't be eating so so that's kind of one of my tips now I don't have to set my alarm anymore because it's some Vitax Lean
thing that I feel like I kind of train my body so every two hours I'm just kind of like oh I need to eat again and I'm looking at the clock oh it's already been two hours so I'll go grab something so it could be light string cheese um I might have lightened fit on Greek yogurts I could have hard-boiled eggs I'll even have protein shakes for my snack protein milkshake has a good like there's a lower calorie milkshake premier protein the ready-made shakes those are perfect to just have in your fridge I buy like a big box at Costco so I find that that's like a really