There are two popular river cruises that you can

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There are two popular river cruises that you can

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Silver Springs Blvd. This program features Egyptian fruit bats, tarantulas, Emperor scorpions, giant toads and praying mantis, and a creature cam allows guests a close up view on overhead monitors.

If you are want to visit Silver Springs and the Wild Waters Water Park you will find it located just east of Ocala, Florida on S. See alligators, turtles, heron, osprey, and Auto spare parts other wildlife basking and feeding in their natural habitat. Riverbanks are lined with towering bald cypress trees, some more than 500 years old.

The contact information for Silver Springs is as follows: Silver Springs Nature Park 5656 E. 40.

Some of the other popular attractions at the park are as follows:

Wings of the Springs is presented at the outdoor Silver River Showcase Theater.

Since the mid 19th century the beauty of Silver Springs has attracted visitors, and glass bottom boat rides were set up to serve the curious tourists in 1870. The presentation showcases parrots of the tropical rainforest, comical ducks and chickens, and the magnificent raptors (including hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures).com

Non Venomous Snake Show offers guests the opportunity to view, touch and learn about the many different species of snakes in the world, and the important role they play in controlling rodents and other pests.

Alligator and crocodile feedings are presented daily at 2:30 p. The show is both educational and entertaing and there is a surprise ending!

Reptiles of the World Show features reptile handlers that give an exciting and educational presentation on alligators, crocodiles, turtles and dispels some of the myths about these fascinating cold blooded animals.
Creature Feature showcases some of the scariest creatures of the night. One of these nearby places of interest is Silver Springs, Florida where you can see wildlife and enjoy rides in a park set up at the site of one of the largest artesian spring formations in the world, producing nearly 550 million gallons of crystal clear water daily. Today the headwaters of the Silver River have been transformed into a huge nature park with rides and exhibits.m.R.

The most attractive feature of the park, the one which has been attracting tourists Auto Gas Springs for more than 100 years is the chance to ride through crystal clear waters of the Silver River in glass bottom boats. Reptile keepers conduct the feedings that provide guests with the chance to witness the feeding habits of various species while learning more about these ancient creatures. (during warm summer months). Take exit 352 east off I 75 or exit 268 west off I 95. The Fort King River Cruise carries you through Silver Springs 10,000 year history. Interactive exhibits and displays include a working archaeological dig site, Seminole Indian village, the 1830s Fort King Army stockade, a late 1880s riverboat dock and train depot, and an authentic Florida pioneer Cracker homestead.

If you are traveling with your pet, then you can take advantage of the free shaded kennels at the park. The boats are manned by licensed captains and tour the seven major spring formations at the headwaters of the river. This is a dramatic free flight show featuring a diverse collection of birds.,Silver Springs, FL 34488, Telephone: 352 236 2121

There are two popular river cruises that you can choose from.

The Lost River Voyage transports guests back in time to wild Florida as it was thousands of years agountouched and untamed.If you are planning a vacation at Disney World or Orlando, it is helpful if you expand your horizons a bit and explore some of the many attractions that are within a short drive of Orlando

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Re: There are two popular river cruises that you can

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Re: There are two popular river cruises that you can

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Re: There are two popular river cruises that you can

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Re: There are two popular river cruises that you can

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