The secret to reducing belly fat with ginger turmeric

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The secret to reducing belly fat with ginger turmeric

Beitrag von giammobungngocdung » 26. Dez 2017, 08:46

Reducing belly fat with ginger turmeric is one of the "rescue" methods for women, helping to regain the waistline after a few months of implementation.

The application of belly fat of ginger turmeric

Excess fat is always the "obsession" of many people, which causes increased risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood pressure. In addition, excess fat also makes the sister feel lack of confidence when standing in front of the crowd.
Nowadays, there are many ways to get rid of abdominal fat, among them the method of massage with ginger wine is popular with many people.
The combination of ginger and turmeric can create a mixture that can disperse fat effectively. In ginger contains a lot of gingerol, high antioxidants have the effect of lowering cholesterol in the body. In addition, the heat of ginger when exposed to the body will produce enough heat to burn fat quickly.
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In particular, when combined with curcumin in turmeric, will increase the ability to burn fat, thereby reducing the belly fat efficiency.
How to make ginger ale reduce abdominal fat
- 1kg fresh ginger
- 1 kg of turmeric
- 4 liters of white wine (buy prestigious places, avoid buying fake wine)
- 1 glass jar
Step 1: Turmeric and ginger washed, scraped off the outer shell, then pounded
Step 2: Ginger and turmeric were crushed into glass jar
Step 3: Pour the white wine into the ginger.
Step 4: Cover the lid, store in a cool place. After 2 months, when the wine turns yellow it is usable.
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How to reduce belly fat with alcohol ginger
To reduce belly fat with ginger ale, you take a little wine on the abdomen, then begin to massage gently. You can apply 1 of 4 massage movements:
- Exercise 1: Massage the abdomen in circles. Make about 5-10 minutes.
- Exercise 2: One hand against the hilt, the other hand massage from top to bottom, from left to right. Made about 50 times, then change hands, take the center of the heart to turn clockwise and vice versa.
- Exercise 3: Use two hands rub ginger turmeric pat on the upper and lower abdomen. Made about 25 times.
- Exercise 4: You use both hands to rub the alcohol from top to bottom, from the inside out and vice versa. Made about 30 times.
The heat of ginger ale will spread throughout the abdomen, burning fat effectively. In addition, the massage strengthens blood circulation, tightens the skin and helps the digestive system to function better.

Some note when massage belly fat reduction with ginger turmeric
- Use this method about 2 times a day to get the most effect.
- You must persevere in the long run to see positive progress.
- Before the belly fat reduction with ginger, clean the skin to avoid acne, irritation.
- Ginger ale for massage, should not drink.
- Do not abuse because it will damage the skin.
Advice for you
Next to the belly fat reduction with ginger turmeric, you should build yourself a scientific diet, moderate activity and proper exercise. Specifically:
- Nutrition: Eat plenty of green vegetables, fruits, fresh food. Turn red meat into white meat; Minimize the amount of starch, fat, oil and grease. Drink enough 2.5 liters of water a day.
Get enough sleep: Because staying up late will cause your appetite hormones to rise, causing you to eat more, fat build-up thicker.
- Exercise: The exercise of sports not only help strengthen the body, mental comfort but also keep the look slim, attractive. Make at least 30 minutes a day with exercises such as gym, cardio, HITT, yoga, jogging, swimming, walking ...

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Here are some tips on how to reduce belly fat with ginger ale, hopefully this article will help you in finding your perfect waistline.