Pandora's every piece of jewelry are artisans who painstaking efforts

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Pandora's every piece of jewelry are artisans who painstaking efforts

Beitrag von Shannon77 » 12. Jan 2018, 09:21

They say that in London, you’re never more than three feet away from a Pandora charm. At least that’s what they should say, so ubiquitous is this charming phenomenon. What’s most remarkable about this is cheap pandora charmsthat the charm bracelet’s biggest ambassador landed on UK shores only seven years ago. In that short time, Pandora has opened 220 stores and decorated countless wrists with sterling silver bracelets laden with charms shaped like hearts, cupcakes and daisies. Now the brand has come to count the UK as its second biggest market behind the US. And while Pandora is not alone in its charm offensive。

But Pandora’s charmed existence was no pandora charms sale uk. In fact, the company — founded in Copenhagen in 1982 by husband and wife Per and Winnie Enevoldsen — began life by creating rings. The idea for a bracelet was hatched years later when the brand’s small team of sales people noticed that customers were buying necklaces laden with pendants and wrapping them around their wrists instead. In 2000, Pandora’s charm bracelet was born. Nowadays, what began with a range of just 16 charms — including a plain sterling silver heart pandora uk outlet sale the title of bestseller, with more than three million sold since its launch — spans more than 700 charms and accounts for 75 per cent of global revenue.

But despite its mass appeal, Pandora remains a hand-finished operation. Last year its factories in Thailand, which employ a 12, 000-strong team of skilled craftsmen, produced over 100 million pieces of jewellery and set 2. 6 billion gemstones. Yet each charm goes through 17 individual processes, from polishing and plating to enamel painting, passing through cheap pandora charms uk of 30 pairs of hands. To meet demand, Pandora is set to open a new eco-factory in Chiang Mai early next year — and naturally, it’s shaped like its bestselling bracelet.