The world has a lot of fans on the Nike air max

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The world has a lot of fans on the Nike air max

Beitrag von Shannon77 » 12. Jan 2018, 09:21

RICHMOND, Va.,-- A majority of cheap nike air max mens of sneakerheads waiting in line for the sale of a Nike shoe left Carytown empty-handed. Only a few dozen who were given wristbands outside the Need Supply Co. left happy.

Rich Love, a New York City native, drove from cheap nike air max uk Richmond to stand in line for the Nike Air Max 97/1 beginning Saturday. The self-professed Sneakerhead was giddy as he opened his pair of $160 sneakers designed by a local artist. "I'm getting a nice little outift and I'm going to wear them, " Love said. "Half of these guys will probably sell them. A true sneakerhead wears his items. "Roberto Graham drove from New York City and waited 72 hours to stand fifth in line for the sneakers. "I've been waiting for this shoe since last year. People will never touch this shoe, " Graham yelled. "This is a perfect, perfect shoe. "Collectors from as far away as Ohio, New York and Florida drove in for the release. The shoes are nike air max sale outlet Sean Wotherspoon, who won a Nike contest “RevolutionAir” that brought together 12 of the influential creatives to reimagine the Air Max. Wotherspoon’s 90s-inspired corduroy design was a hit with voters.

Wotherspoon is a Virginia native who now lives in Los Angeles. A sample pair of the shoes sold on eBay recently for $96, 000. Others were on sale for nike air max mens sale as $2, 500 plus shipping. Richmond was the first city in the world to publicly release the Air Max 97/1s.