Best Supplement or Juice for Strength?

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Best Supplement or Juice for Strength?

Beitrag von Rayancaleb » 14. Sep 2017, 12:31

So I've never taken any Supplements or Steroids, never smoked or drank, or done any drugs, I don't care for that stuff

I'm 18, compete in the 59KG (130 pound) weight class and really want to lift for the International team, IPF, but my best numbers are;
Squat: 415lbs, 188KG
Bench: 260lbs, 118KG
Deadlift: 415lbs, 188KG

Total: 1090lbs, 494KG

And my main competition is a guy same age same weight with a 1290 total

I feel I need something to boost strength, my workouts are getting extremely taxing and I hate to, but I think I'm gonna have to take a Deload, I don't deload often but this week on squats 340 x5x5, I failed on the third set.

So I kinda went off topic, but the main question is the title, I need more strength, legal or illegal, side effects, cost, what's my best option?
Please help.


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