I need a plan to help me build stamina and endurance.

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I need a plan to help me build stamina and endurance.

Beitrag von Rayancaleb » 6. Sep 2017, 10:51

I'm not much of a fan of building all kinds of muscles. I would really enjoy having a lot of energy, stamina, and endurance. I know cardio would be the main thing to do, but anything else I can do? Like weight training just biceps/triceps, jumping jacks, squats, etc? I dont mind doing some muscle workouts to keep my muscles firm, but not to do intense muscle workouts and taking a bunch of protein. I was thinking of doing 30 mins of treadmill one day, 30 min cycling the other, and some stuff in between. Of course I wanna lose some weight too, but my main focus is being energetic.
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