Victory only highlights what Ferrari could have won

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Victory only highlights what Ferrari could have won

Beitrag von pinkpink » 15. Nov 2017, 06:33

Vettel led all ... unt-Jersey but 13 of the 71 laps, and was only not in front on those because of Lewis Hamilton's off-set strategy as the Mercedes driver fought back through the field from his pit-lane start.It was always close between Vettel and Bottas - the Finn rarely more than two seconds behind - and both men believed the race was decided at the start, when the Ferrari got the jump on the Mercedes and sneaked ahead into the first corner.
As such, it ... rsey_Cheap was a reflection of the year as a whole - little to choose between the silver car and red on absolute pace, races decided on small details or twists of fate.It underlined that the way the championship was settled, in Hamilton's favour, with three races to go belied the truth of the season, which was of an intense fight between two evenly matched teams and their leading drivers.
All year, it had looked as if Hamilton and Vettel would contest the championship right up to the final race in Abu Dhabi. They did not because Ferrari and their driver imploded, especially over the three Asian races in Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. And Vettel's moment of madness in driving deliberately into Hamilton in Baku http://www.arizonacoyotesofficialonline ... use-Jersey back in June hardly helped.
Baku turned an easy win into a fourth place - that was 13 points thrown away. Singapore was a race that appeared to be Vettel's Brandon Shell Jersey on a plate, only for him to provoke a pile-up at the first corner. That was 25 points gone.
Then an Brandon Shell Jersey engine failure in qualifying in Malaysia, another race Ferrari had the pace to dominate, put Vettel at the back of the grid, and he finished fourth. Another 13 points gone. And then Japan, a spark plug failure, and a second place lost. Another 18 Brandon Shell Jersey points.
That's 69 points mislaid, plus the extra points the three Asian issues handed Hamilton on a plate. After Brazil, Vettel is 43 points adrift of Hamilton, who without those Ferrari problems would never have built the lead he needed to clinch the title so early.
After the Hungarian Grand Prix in July, Vettel and Hamilton were tied on four wins each out of 11 races. But until Sunday in Sao Paulo, Vettel had not won since and the pressure was mounting on the Italian team.
Before this race, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne, as tough a taskmaster as they come, had made clear his disappointment with the way the season had developed."I don't ... ersey.html believe in bad luck," Marchionne said. "Ultimately, it was a reflection on the way in which we managed the businesses. It was a combination, especially in the Brandon Shell Jersey second half of there season between technical issues and driver errors, or driver misjudgements."
What Ferrari badly needed in these last two races of the season was to prove they could win again, that they had not gone completely off the rails. If nothing else, as one insider put it after the race, "to get you lot (the media) off our backs." ... r&id=10086 ... =3&t=16792 ... ffair.html

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Re: Victory only highlights what Ferrari could have won

Beitrag von qualityanalyst » 15. Nov 2017, 07:46

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