Steel+Nylon BTU bearing Ball Transfer Units China Manufacturer

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Steel+Nylon BTU bearing Ball Transfer Units China Manufacturer

Beitrag von slidebushing » 14. Mär 2018, 05:08

Motor bearings cleaning knowledge
1. Cleaning of mounted on the rail slide, mainly by pour oil or oil gun spraying method, easy to graphite bronze bearing oil washing off with kerosene after first use gasoline;Hard Flanged bronze bushing lubrication bearings to wash oil, first in 100-200 ℃ hot oil leaching or oil gun spraying, and then clean with gasoline.It is important to note that don't use a sharp tool to scrape: bearing oil dirties or corrosion of hard, in order to avoid damage to the imported bearing and roller slot ring parts of the finish, wash the bearing with a clean dry cloth.

2. A cleaning method of the bearing in the kerosene soak 5-10 minutes, squeeze the inner ring with one hand, another hand turn the outer ring, dry oil or rust on the imported bearing cream will fall down.Then put the bearing into the cleaner in kerosene, with soft hair brush to wash, the ball and the gap in the wash oil, put the graphite and gasoline cleaning, lubricating bearing on out with clean paper.Centripetal spherical ball bearing and short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning should be ball, pearl, the inner ring and outer ring off to clean.

3. In cleaning the old motor or import the centripetal spherical bearing of the motor, you should put the ball, pearl frame transverse transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning roller, beads, also should be the inner ring and outer ring off.

In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃.If use flame directly heating, should pay attention to prevent the oil burning, bearing to hang in the pan, sink will cause overheating and reduce hardness.

4. Hot oil cleaning method due to the use of long, soft dry oil or rust cream hardening bearing, should dip in 100-200 ℃ hot oil, clamp bearing with forceps, brush with wool clean oil import bearings.Soft dry oil or rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃ is melt, it is easy to flush out from a crack in the imported Steel+Nylon BTU bearing.Sometimes as long as bearing repeatedly shaking in the oil.The oil into crevices from.