Bronze backing PTFE composite bushing Bimetal bearing Manufacturer

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Bronze backing PTFE composite bushing Bimetal bearing Manufacturer

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Graphite copper sleeve cold welding techniques advantages and copper pieces
1, welding, high precision, and long tip amount and placement can touch repair,recirculating ball bearing position, welding small spot welding after the injection molding machine copper sleeve a little sauce. 2, the use of mechanical, welding surface can be formed, and other enhanced features. Environmental protection process is contaminated. 3, the heat really low to achieve cold welding. SOB metal graphite copper sleeve fine structure does not change, it does not affect the processing performance. 4, widescreen source electrode, simple operation economical and practical, high efficiency, to achieve correction and maintenance role. 5, non-ferrous metals suitable ferrous metals, almost all of the metallic conductivity.

Bronze backing PTFE composite bushing is a very rare piece of cold welding technology, must master the secrets of copper plus self-lubricating slide cold welding work, in use, copper production must play a greater role, and low heat input. Metal structure does not change the state, does not affect the machining performance. Metallurgical bonding adhesion gas, high weld strength. High precision welding, the BTU for heavy duty can reach the place Until repair, welding position, accurate welding small welding preparedness amount. Suitable for non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, and a conductive metal almost all of the more than one machine, may be deposited welding, surface hardening etc. Environmental protection, work process without any pollution.