BPW bronze bushing shaft bushing Spherical plain bearing Factory

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BPW bronze bushing shaft bushing Spherical plain bearing Factory

Beitrag von slidebushing » 14. Mär 2018, 04:57

Simple treatment of textile sealed bearings
Because of the new spinning equipment dust, heat and high-speed requirements, using a large number of BPW bronze bushing shaft bushing. These bearings run for a certain period, due to the internal copper bush oil, resulting in damage to the bearings dry grinding. As imports of air spinning machine sealed bearings, quantity, the material is good, but the last several years, due to inability to clean and replenish the grease, so that a large number of sealed bearings damage scrapped, increased equipment failures and unnecessary expenses.

Now describes two simple and effective method for cleaning and refueling. The first sets of bearings manufacturer refueling cartridge cleaning method, suitable for both ends of the renk sleeve bearing housing gap sealed bearings. The method is bearing first soaked in kerosene in a 1 h 2h, then do special sleeve bearing according to the outer diameter, the system, both clean, but also fuel. An inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the sleeve bearing 0.05 mm ~ 0.08 mm, slightly lighter than the bearing. Cleaning refueling Step: Add appropriate amount of kerosene in the sleeve, the bearing pressed in by hand, the use of bearing clearance itself, will come out of kerosene, repeated 1-2 times; clean and dry before pouring grease required to join the inner sleeve the bearing sleeve into the bearing pressure with dry gently under pressure, bearing much fuel flexibility according to the needs. The second applies to special closed bearings, which have a gap and a screw hole. The use of screw holes in communication with the bearing clearance, bearing first soaked in kerosene 1 h ~ 2 h, with a special nozzle and kerosene oil suction gun repeatedly into the bearing 2 to 3 times, after pouring dry oil gun lubrication required grease can be added.

The above approach for a variety of imported or domestic sealed bearings and special sealed bearings that can be regularly cleaned as fuel,FR soft strip bushing will be able to extend its service life, and can save a lot of money and reduce the incidence of bad car.