Metal mesh with PTFE bushing Sliding bearings Oilless bearing Supply

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Metal mesh with PTFE bushing Sliding bearings Oilless bearing Supply

Beitrag von slidebushing » 14. Mär 2018, 04:52

Classification of rod end bearing, metal copper welding, according to the characteristics of the process points have fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing three categories.

Welding interface is in the heart of the copper welding process workpiece heated to melt state, do not add pressure to complete the copper welding method.Fusion welding, the heat will stay two welding workpiece interface heat melting rapidly, forming molten pool.Molten pool with heat source moving forward, continuous weld is formed after cooling and connect the two artifacts as a whole.

In the process of Metal mesh with PTFE bushing if direct contact with the molten pool of high temperature, atmospheric oxygen in the atmosphere will be metal oxide and various alloy elements.Into the molten pool, such as nitrogen, water vapor in the atmosphere will be in the subsequent cooling process in the formation of porosity in the weld defects such as cracks, slag inclusion, and deterioration of weld quality and performance.

In order to improve the quality of copper welding, people developed various protection methods.Gas shielded arc welding is used, for example, argon, carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere, in order to protect the copper welding arc and pool rate;, such as steel, copper welding, add affinity for oxygen in covering titanium iron powder of the solid, can protect the electrode in the beneficial elements such as manganese, silicon from oxidation and into the molten pool, cooled to obtain high quality welds.

Bonding is under the condition of pressure, make the two artifacts in solid state bonding between atoms, also called solid copper welding.Commonly used is the butt welding, pressure welding process when a current flows through the connection end of the two artifacts, it due to the JFB bronze graphite sliding bearing very high temperatures, when heated to a plastic state under axial pressure is connected as a whole.