far and wide to see greater returns.

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far and wide to see greater returns.

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Time stops in Qualicum. A major effort has been made to provide a beautiful town centre in this community. There are no fast food restaurants in Qualicum Beach because all restaurants have to have table service. The average age of residents is between 59 and 60, so it's considered a retirement community - but it is much more than that.

I select Eagleview, a bed and breakfast on Canyon Crescent, for our accommodation. I ask myself, "Did you choose this one for its private suites and private baths, or because it's in a quiet neighbourhood bordered by a creek and ravine?"

Well, the truth is: I chose it because the owners' names are Roy and Linda, and my wife and I are Ron and Linda. The coincidence is just too intriguing and my curiosity gets the better of me. Sometimes, intuition cannot be argued with.

As it turns out, we have so many things in common with our hosts that it's uncanny. And, to top it off, Roy's and (my) Linda's parents were good friends.

Roy and Linda are cheerful and friendly and have very good knowledge of the area. Even before we arrive, Linda provides me with a top-ten list of things to do. They know their business, and, along with Jackson the greeter - a cute little Jack Russell, they make us feel at home immediately.

Their yard and gardens are immaculate. The property backs onto a ravine with a marvelous trail winding through the ravine and ends very close to a beach park. We find this bed and breakfast relaxing, calming Scott Wedgewood Devils Jersey , soothing and rejuvenating. The tranquil setting is ideal for a get-away.

We have Linda's mom and dad in tow and they are thrilled with the garden suite. The private entrance spills directly into the garden patio. The suites have luxurious beds and linens and private baths. Each suite has a cozy fireplace. Very little has not been thought of. Special touches are everywhere and Roy and Linda have anticipated our every need.

With the forest and ravine right behind our bedroom window, I awake in the morning to a symphony of songbirds. Finches, robins, sparrows, chickadees, juncos, and others provide the melody while a Raven provides the vocals and a woodpecker adds a light percussion.

There's lots to see and do in Qualicum Beach. The downtown has several shops, stores, and places to eat. The city hall is beautiful and Qualicum Foods, a local grocery store, was voted Canada's nicest grocery store. It's a great place to stop for tea and treats or a take-out lunch.

Cathedral Grove is a must-see and is just a few kilometers from Qualicum. The old growth forest guards the highway through McMillan Park. On the way, you'll pass by Cameron Lake - a great place for a summer picnic or swim, right off the highway. There are 800-year-old trees and there's an interpretive trail system winding through the park, so you can get up close and personal with trees that are much older than Canada.

Since we have had the Qualicum experience on more than one occasion, this time we're looking for something totally new. We'd heard that the views from Little Mountain towards Mount Arrowsmith were spectacular, so we head on up. The winding road rises sharply. At the top, we park beside the concrete abutments and walk the short distance up the path to the viewpoint. Wow! The cliffs drop very sharply, so caution is required. The entire valley between Little Mountain and Mount Arrowsmith lies before us.

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