should be to immediately exit the market

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should be to immediately exit the market

Beitrag von qizhen10001 » 17. Apr 2018, 05:54

This new product, called Busson, can intuitively discover that the four tips have become arcs and feel smooth and smooth. However, the price is more than 200 yuan more expensive. Why do so many industry insiders, who do not want to be identified,
told reporters that another alternative is: Some companies will specify in the product specification that there are cutting-edge places that need to be installed on the wall and that they have corresponding fixed parts. Since it does not meet the national standards,
the most responsible way for consumers should be to immediately exit the market. Zhong Chao, a young father, told reporters. At the beginning of the new national standard, this phenomenon will become more common. Because for these furniture companies, especially SMEs, the cost of direct withdrawal is too high.
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